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Damen & Herren Trendhaarschnitt / Typenberatung
Färben / Tönen / Elumen / Color- und Strähnentechnik
Haare strecken mit Kerasilk Keratin Treatment
 Hochsteck- und Hochzeitfrisuren / Make Up ( Abend & Hochzeit )
Wimpern färben / Augenbrauen ( zupfen & färben )
Bonuskarte 5% / Kabinen / Lehrlinge und Studenten bis 20 Jahre 20 %
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What is the latest feature for the new One Point Scissors? The scissors have a “hot” point exactly where the two cutting edges touch while opening and closing the blades. This “hot” point moves up and down while the rest of the scissors stays cold.
What happens when cutting hair with the One Point Scissors? When cutting, the points of hair heat up to 150° to 180° degrees, coagulating protein in the hair. The protein glues around the coagulation point and the hair expands in diameter, making the hair feel firmer and stronger. The result is increased hair volume. The “gluing” or bonding of the hair cortex eliminates split-ends for a certain period of time.
Split ends adieu
Everyone with long hair is eventually confronted with tiresome split ends. Hair looks unkempt and brittle and it tends to become matted. Conditioning hair ends with a high-quality hair care product and undergoing a thermal sealing procedure, or “welding” of the hair ends with the One Point Scissors, maintains healthy and shiny hair for a long time.
Due to our extensive experience with the "hot scissors", we do not rely on marketing brochures or reports from third persons. Over the years, we have found that about 90% of all One Point customers experience a substantially improved hair-feeling. Perms feel bouncier and healthier, an effect which is noticeable after the first haircut with the One Point Scissors. Another advantage is that customers with long hair do not have to sacrifice three, four or even more centimeters of length when using the “hot” scissors for the first time. With the One Point Scissors, trimming usually means cutting a single centimeter. If the customer has severe split ends, the optimizing effect of the “hot” scissors will be clearly noticeable after the second or third haircut. But customers with long hair and spilt ends usually prefer regular haircuts with One Point Scissors over sacrificing several centimetres of hair length at one time. Your hairdresser will be happy to advise you in detail.
Customers do not have direct contact with the “hot” scissors, although using them is absolutely safe. Hairdressers do not restrict themselves in any way, regarding the convenience or comfort of hair-cutting techniques.
 Our conclusion
One Point Scissors are the optimal instrument in the fight against split ends. The only stipulations for optimal results are consistent care and conditioning of the hair. The supplement for a haircut with the One Point Scissors is only CHF 10 - and affordable for all.



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